Custom Designed Stands
Below you will find some of the stands we have designed and built during recent exhibitions. We follow a very comprehensive process in order to ensure that your stand is built to your specifications, is within budget and most importantly, will reflect positively on your corporate image. The stages of building your stand are:

Consultation/Information Gathering

Our first task is to establish your requirements. A meeting or telephone conversation will be arranged to discuss what you need from your exhibition stand, where the exhibition will be held, who the target audience is and what you are looking to achieve by exhibiting etc. We will ask you these questions make sure we get the design right, from the start of the process.

Concept Design & Fine-Tuning

Once we have an idea of what you are trying to achieve and your budget, our designers will start working on the design layout, functions and general look of your exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand will be rendered into a 3D design. The level of realism achieved by our designers is quite outstanding, giving you a real taste for how the finished stand will look. Once you’ve seen the 3D renderings, you may require us to fine-tune certain aspects of the design, which we will do for you.

Stand Build

The final step is to build your exhibition stand! Often elements of the exhibition stand will be erected in-house to ensure that it goes together as expected. It is thoroughly checked before being marked up for re-assembly and subsequently dismantled for shipping to the venue. This stage also includes presenting designs etc. to the organisers for the relevant permits together with risk assessments and method statements, arranging for electricity connection and water supply, if required.